National Committee of the USA

Mr. Donald N. Grubich
10105 White City Road
Britt, MN 55710
phone:  +1 218 741 2813
e-mail: dngrubich (at) new!

Dr. Thomas J. Malterer
2201 Vermilion Road
Duluth MN 55803
e-mail: tmalter2 (at) 

Annual Report 2012

The US National Committee (USNC) continued support of the Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management. Through direct communications, and the Wise Use of Peatlands publication, the USNC provided regulatory agencies, concerned organizations and news outlets with balanced information on utilization of peatlands as well as on the protection of valuable and unique peatlands.

In the US, peatland restoration and rehabilitation remains a very important issue to the peat industry. Federal and state regulators require peat companies to re-wet post-harvested fields and revegetate these fields with specific peatland plants as a condition of issuing new harvesting permits, or reissuing existing harvesting permits. The USNC advocates for sound lowcost restoration methods that give long-term success. These methods have been developed in the worldwide IPS community. At nearly all regulatory levels, these methods are being accepted to meet permitting requirements.

The USNC met several times to strategize on how to: 1) increase IPS membership and 2) educate consumers on the beneficial use of peat in gardening and landscape applications. The USNC plans to sponsor and lead a peatland restoration tour as part of the Society of Wetland Scientists national meeting, to be held in Duluth, Minnesota. The IPS will be strongly promoted on this tour. The USNC plans to sponsor and lead two tours of peat production facilities in 2013 in Minnesota. The audience is master gardeners and commercial landscapers.

Tom Malterer and Donald Grubich participated in the 14th International Peat Congress in Stockholm. At the Congress, Tom was given a certificate naming him an Honorary Member of the IPS. Receiving this recognition, along with 2 colleagues from New Brunswick, Canada and Helsinki, Finland, was the highlight of his 34 year involvement with the IPS.