Bog restoration on the edge: biodiversity and other ecosystem services in Dutch raised bog remnants

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Gert-Jan van Duinen
Book (published in): 
Abstracts IPS Jubilee 2018
Peatland Restoration, raised bog, biodiversity, greenhouse gas, paludiculture, lagg


The Dutch raised bog remnants 'Peelvenen' are remnants of a previously much more extensive raised bog landscape. The mire complex formed the natural border between two provinces. Due to climate the bog is situated on the southern edge of the distribution area of the Atlantic raised bog type. In this
region the critical load of atmospheric nitrogen was and will be exceded several times. Furthermore, drainage and peat extraction severely degraded the bog landscape. Monitoring and recent studies showed that the restoration measures performed in the last decades in and around these severely degraded bog remnants considerably improved the hydrological situation...