Canadian peatlands: Horticulture use in growing media and responsible management of ecosystem services

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Paul Short
Book (published in): 
Presentations IPS Convention Bremen 2019 Future Use of Peat and Substitutes in Horticulture
canada, peat, restoration, responsible management, certification



Canada’s horticultural peat industry provides essential substrate material for the agri/horticulture industry within Canada, the Unites States and worldwide. It provides economic benefits as well as social security values throughout North America. Information on the economic impact will be presented discussing employment, GDP, and tax’s generated within Canada. The societal values of peat as a  constituent will be discussed related to sales of products started in growing media and food production in growing media within North America (Canada, United States). Presentation on the Canadian approach to responsible management of peatland ecosystems will provide information on the resource, harvest areas, and research programs to support our best management practices. Additionally, information on the industries sustainability initiatives including environmental Life Cycle Analysis, Social-Environmental Assessment, Certification, and Industry Social Responsibility Reporting will be described. Comments will also be made referencing the challenges our industry faces related to environmental, social and economic accountability. These challenges are global and universally affect our entire industry and must be addressed through a concerted joint effort by all members of the industry.