Dissolved organic carbon (doc) in peat water suggests limit to decomposition

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Muhammad Nuriman, Gunawan Djajakirana, Darmawan and Gusti Z Anshari
Book (published in): 
Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress
peat water, dissolved organic carbon, limit to decomposition



The majority of Carbon studies on peats focus on soil carbon. It is rare to examine the amounts of carbon in peat water. As a wetland, peat water contains lots of Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC). This study aims to portray contents of DOC in peat water from agriculture, shrubs and secondary forests. The research site is Rasau Jaya peat dome, which was firstly opened in 1972 for agricultural development. This peat dome is massively drained and disturbed by human activities. A total of 60 peat water samples were analysed. We used Total Organic...