Kekkilä‐BVB - Sustainable growing solutions for international markets

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Juha Mäkinen
Book (published in): 
Presentations IPS Convention Bremen 2019 Future Use of Peat and Substitutes in Horticulture
kekkilä-bvb, growing media, peat, sustainability



Combining centuries of horticultural knowledge, know-how and experience, Kekkilä-BVB strives to bring sustainable everyday living to chosen markets worldwide. Kekkilä-BVB aims to fulfil this goal by focusing on cooperation with growers, distributors and chosen partners to work towards more sustainable cultivation methods and growing solutions.

Distinction between players should not lead to diffusion as this is harmful for the transparency of the market which is key in the communication with governments, NGOs and other important stakeholders. Rather, innovation through collaboration is needed to have an impact on the global sustainability challenges and, thus, should be the focus of the sector.

Innovations should evolve around the question ‘how can we use the resources at our disposal in a responsible manner?’ while ensuring the consumer that their crops are being produced in a safe and high-quality environment. Peat, as one of the cleanest raw materials, still plays a vital role in answering this question.

As a provider of growing media, Kekkilä-BVB recognizes the contributions it can make to the global sustainability challenges through sustainable growing solutions for international markets.