Peatland Management Coordinator

Asia Pacific Resources International (APRIL)


Asia Pacific Resources International (APRIL) is a large international Pulp and Paper Company located in Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia, with tree plantations on both mineral and peat soils.

Specific purpose of this job
The successful candidate shall play a key role in coordinating and managing multidisciplinary teams in order to develop operational best practices on peat. The overall management objetive is to increase production while minimizing environmental impacts.  This position will report to Fiber Director.

Responsibilities include:

•    Lead, coordinate, manage and guide three core peat land science/ operational groups, all with a peat land production, environment and best practice focus;
•    Oversee the group managers and teams of technical staff that will implement, maintain and monitor production improvement initiatives;
•    Build a scientific foundation for managing peatlands to balance fiber production and environmental best practices. To be based on: (i) measuring and monitoring the environment and tree growth; and (ii) appropriate trials to develop best practices;
•    Proactively plan, organize and perform assigned projects and tasks to meet applicable deadlines;
•    Review, understand and communicate management improvement required to improve production and minimize impacts on the environment;
•    Establish regular communication between, Operations, Research and Development,  and Strategic Planning Business Units within the organisation;
•    Communicate with Corporate Level and Business Unit managers regarding outcomes of best practice initiatives and keep them informed of emerging issues;
•    Communicate and interact with external stakeholders concerned with peat matters;
•    Oversee the development of a decision support system to better integrate and manage initiatives based on science and conceptual frameworks that are current and appropriate;
•    Facilitate the establishment of a knowledge management support system for the Groups;
•    Publish findings in international peer reviewed publications;
•    QA/QC and data integrity and lead annual reviews of outcomes;
•    Represent the company on industry trade group committees and conference calls pertaining peat land improvements;
•    Maintain a high regard for personal safety, the safety of company assets and employees, and the general public.

Desired Educational Requirements and Work Experience

The project is currently seeking and an experienced person with a proven scientific project management background, ideally in plantation forestry on peat land. The candidate should also have a strong science background and be able to communicate comfortably at an international level. Previous experience of working with peat land management in the tropics is a considerable advantage. The candidate should be able to demonstrate experience in some of the following fields:
•    Minimum of 10 to 15 years of professional experience in the design, management and implementation of multi-disciplinary scientific projects;
•     At least 5 years of this experience should be related to peatlands;
•    Experimental trial design, implementation and analysis;
•    Experience of undertaking independent and team research projects;
•    Experience of production forestry / agriculture on peatlands,;
•    A good understanding of Green House Gas issues associated with peat lands in the tropics;
•    Knowledge of GHG monitoring, accounting and reporting, GHG Inventories for Forestry & IPCC good practice guidance;
•    Experience of implementing Information Support Systems;
•    Must also be able to work autonomously as the situation dictates;
•    Must be able to successfully perform multiple tasks with strict and sometimes simultaneous deadlines.
•    Ability to successfully perform the required and expected duties with minimal direct supervision;
Be willing to relocate to Riau Indonesia and integrate into a multi-cultural – multi disciplinary team.

Compensation: Internationally competitive salary and benefit package commensurate  with education level and experience.

Interested applicants can request further information and submit applications to:

Dateline for application:     Saturday 10th October

Sat, 10/10/2015 (All day)