Peatland Water Management Specialist

Asia Pacific Resources International (APRIL)


Asia Pacific Resources International (APRIL) is a large international Pulp and Paper Company located in Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia, with tree plantations on both mineral and peat soils. This specific career opportunity will largely focus on the peat land component of the landscape. Most of the peat land production areas are adjacent to peat land forest conservation areas also managed by the same project owner - and all production areas contain conservation zones. These areas need to be managed in harmony.  Continuous improvement against sustainability goals are of the utmost importance and are outlined in the Company’s Sustainable Forest Management Policy.

This position 

A mid-career scientist / forester with operational coordination and management experience is being sought. Team management and good communication skills are also required. The specialist shall also play an important role in liaising and collaborating with national and international peat land interest groups and other interested stakeholders.

Responsibilities include:
•    Lead, coordinate and guide research, monitoring and reporting in the field of water resource management across the peatland landscape;
•    These main areas shall be in the field of catchment planning, hydrological modeling and the monitoring of water quality and quantity;
•    Advise on additional priority research and development areas as and when necessary.
•    Oversee a team of technical staff that will implement, maintain and monitor programmes;
•     Oversee hydrological modeling and GIS based landscape simulations;
•    Maximise the use of remote sensing products to compliment GIS analysis;
•    Proactively plan, organize and perform assigned projects and tasks to meet applicable deadlines;
•    Ensure that the science and conceptual frameworks being used are current and appropriate;
•    Facilitate the establishment of a knowledge management support system for the group;
•    Publish findings in international peer reviewed publications;
•    QA/QC and data integrity and lead annual reviews of outcomes;
•    Periodically represent the company at conferences and conference calls pertaining to water resource management improvements;
•    Maintain a high regard for personal safety, the safety of company assets and employees, and the general public.

Desired Work Experience
The project is currently seeking an experienced person with 10 years proven experience in the field of water resource management. The candidate should have a professional background and training in water resource management, hydrology or agricultural engineering. Additionally the candidate should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the science behind the majority of the following fields:
1.    Peat land hydrology and ecology;
2.    Peat subsidence Vs water table;
3.    Soil physics;
4.    Forestry or agriculture on wet lands / peat lands;
5.    Integrated catchments planning;
6.    The applied use of GIS / remote sensing and hydrological modeling;
7.    Applied irrigation and drainage;
8.    Design and installation of water control structures;
9.    Shallow subsurface hydrology / hydro-geology;
10.    Flood risk mapping;
11.    Hydro-meteorological monitoring and analysis;
12.    Open channel hydraulics.

Compensation: Internationally competitive salary and benefit package commensurate  with education level and experience.

Interested applicants can request further information and submit applications to:

Dateline for application:     Saturday 10th October

Sat, 10/10/2015 (All day)