Postdoctoral position (12 months)

Fatima Laggoun

In the frame of the Laboratory of Exellence (Labex) VOLTAIRE(VOLatils – Terre, Atmosphère et Interactions Ressources et Environnement, Université d’Orléans,, ISTO (Earth Science Institute of Orléans, is offering a postdoctoral position in an interdisciplinary team on the relationship between hydrological functioning and C cyle in peatlands. The successful candidate will mainly work on the La Guette peatland, Sologne (centre region of France), which hydrological functioning is being restored since 2014 in the frame of the CarBioDiv Project  “effect of hydrological restoration on the C balance (gas and dissolved) and the biodiversity dynamics in the La Guette peatland (funded by the Centre region, FEDER and CG-18).

The aim of the postdoctoral work is to identify the main mechanisms controlling the dissolved organic carbon (DOC) flux (and particulate, POC) at the output of the peatland. The main mechanisms of DOC production will be identify through statistical analyses relating DOC spatial variability within the peatland and the vegetation type, soil properties (e.g. pH, temperature). Ultimately, the work aims to propose a model of DOC production. This model will use the meteorological time series, hydrological data previously obtained and a hydrological model developed at the study site. The model will be validated by comparing its output to measured data obtained at the output of the peatland.
The successful candidate will also carry on a monthly sampling of water in peatland plots (already set up) and at the output. The monitored variables are DOC, POC, specific UV absorbance (SUVA), fluorescence of the dissolved organic matter (FDOM, through EEMs acquisition and analysis). Estimation of annual flux will be calculated from the measured C concentration and the water outflow.
Finally, based on the results obtained, the successful candidate will be expected to submit at least one paper in an international peer-reviewed journal.
The applicants should have completed his/her PhD in in hydrology/hydro-geochemistry, environmental sciences or related fields.

Gross monthly salary: 2500€

How to proceed and contact:
Electronic application should be sent to Fatima Laggoun (fatima.laggoun(at), with (i) a cover letter, (ii) a short statement of research interests, (iii) a curriculum vitae, (iv) 2 reprints of significant publications and(v) the name and contact of 2  referee(s) or recommendation letter(s)

Application deadline : 2nd of  october 2015
Start of the contract : 2nd of november 2015

Fri, 10/02/2015 (All day)