IPS Statement to "Congress may change views on cultivation of peatland" Jakarta Post


Letter to the Editor, Jakarta Post

On 18th August an article appeared in The Jakarta Post entitled “Congress may change views on cultivation of peatland: IPS”.

Arising from the 15th International Peat Congress, the article incorrectly attribute views to the International Peatland Society (IPS) on the cultivation of peatland areas.

The IPS organises Congresses, conferences and seminars which provide an opportunity for scientists, policy makers and others to express often differing views. This was the case at the 15th Congress which took place in Kuching, Malaysia. The IPS does not endorse any of these views. Its function is to provide opportunities for dialogue.

The IPS is of the view that any cultivation, conservation or restoration of tropical or other peatlands should be approached in accordance with Wise Use principles and the Strategy for Responsible Management.

A member of the Executive Board, Mr Moritz Böcking, correctly reflected the IPS view when he said, as quoted in the article, “We hope that more scientists from this region will be more active in conducting research on this issue. We will have a roundtable with NGOs. The IPS will arrange it”.

The article attributed other comments to Mr Böcking which he did not make and which do not reflect his views or those of the IPS.

The IPS wishes to re-iterate that the views attributed to it in this article are not accurate.

Hannu Salo
Secretary General
hannu.salo (at) peatlands.org