DVD Wise Use of Peatlands


During the past decades interest in peatlands has greatly increased. In November 2002, the International Peat Society together with the International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG) published a book "Wise Use of Mires and Peatlands" (WUMP), the aim of which is to highlight the nature of peatlands and identify problems resulting from their use.

In May 2002 a decision was made to produce a DVD in order to visualize the development of peatlands, their natural functions and present global status, the use of peat and peatlands for different purposes, as well as to introduce principles of their use on the basis of the publication "WUMP".

The DVD has been edited by a steering group consisting of representatives from eight countries, and it consists of materials filmed in Canada, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The DVD includes a Documentary (19 minutes) and eight short segments detailing different peatland themes under the heading More Data (total length 45 minutes), as well as an Image Gallery and Statistics from the WUMP book.

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Technical Details

DVD, 60 min, with 19-minutes documentary and eight more detailed films on different peatland themes, in English, German, French, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, PAL 4:3, DVD-5, best watched in PowerDVD, Version 6.0. Produced by Sound & Picture Oy, Finland.