International Peat Journal

The International Peat Journal was published by the IPS during 1986-2004 (12 issues). Most issues of the IPJ can still be ordered from the IPS online shop and they can also be downloaded from the website's document database (full volumes, free for members).

Since 2006, IPS publishes Mires and Peat together with IMCG.

An international journal devoted to peat

The Journal included full length papers, short communications and review articles. Peer review was carried out by international specialists in all fields of peat and peatlands science and technology. The International Peat Journal considered for publication quality articles from all branches of peat and peatlands science and technology, especially, but not exclusively, from the subject areas covered by the Commissions IPS. Editor of the International Peat Journal was Prof. Jack Rieley, Nottingham, UK.