Peatlands International

Peatlands International is the member magazine of IPS.

Peatlands International is sent out by email to all IPS members for free in 4 issues/year.

IPS members receive PI by email and can download earlier issues from the document database.

The magazine consists of about 30-60 pages with background reports on peat and  peatlands, reviews of conferences and books. It also publishes research findings, business reports and internal information on the IPS.

If you would like to be among the authors of Peatlands International, please contact susann.warnecke (at)

If you are not an IPS member you can order Peatlands International and Peatland Snippets for € 60/year:

Editorial Board

Rachel Carmenta, UK
Lydia Cole, UK
Catherine Farrell, Ireland
Marie Kofod-Hansen, Sweden
Juhani Päivänen, Finland
Jack Rieley, UK
Anne Jelle Schilstra, the Netherlands
Paul Short, Canada
Lech Szajdak, Poland
Michael Trepel, Germany
David Wilson, Ireland

Subscriptions and orders

All members of the IPS receive Peatlands International automatically and for free in its electronic format.

As a printed edition (1998-2013) the magazine was sent twice annually to all IPS members by post. You can order the old printed copies of Peatlands International at


Peatlands International is partly financed by advertisements. If you are interested in promoting your company or products, please see our Media Kit for prices and sizes and contact the IPS Secretariat as soon as possible.

Media Kit 2019 new!

Call for Articles: Peatlands International

We hereby ask all IPS members, researchers and peatland professionals, to consider submitting articles on their latest projects, upcoming conferences and other interesting matters to susann.warnecke (at) The magazine will be distributed digitally, so you have the chance to attach even links, videos and more photos to your draft.

We particularly appreciate reports or previews on symposia, workshops, special projects, research results or new publications, review of conferences, announcements and in-depth stories about all issues related to peat and peatlands. Graphics and photos are very welcome.

Instructions for Authors

Article specimen

Please write your text in Arial pt. 10 single row without additional formatting (no indents, full cap sections etc.) on max 2 pages (1000 words). You should also insert captions for the illustrations and the names of their copyright holders /you need to have their permission!) as well as full author contact details at the end of the document.

All illustrations must be submitted as separate jpg, tif or pdf files. Images imbedded in Word cannot be edited.

To speed up the editing process, we ask all authors to have their papers checked by a native English speaker before submission, wherever possible (please indicate if done). We can recommend, for instance,

The Editorial Board of Peatlands International reserves the right to select, edit and shorten papers, if necessary.