IPS Secretary General (full-time)

Gerald Schmilewski, IPS President


Chief Executive | Toimitusjohtaja | Pääsihteeri

The International Peatland Society is seeking to recruit a Secretary General as its Chief Executive.

The position

The Secretary General will report to the Executive Board (EB). The appointee will have more extensive hours and a wider mandate than previous, part-time, Secretaries General, in keeping with the latest strategy developed by the EB.

The person appointed will be expected to take the lead in implementing the strategy, developing new services and new sources of income, and strengthening existing services; and will take a leading part in the development of strategy and policy.

The appointee will be encouraged to generate project management income, and in the longer term will be expected to establish a project management system. She or he will initiate relevant projects and acquire the necessary funds, subject to approval by the EB. Such projects will include co-operation in projects initiated by other organizations. The appointee will take charge of projects already identified by the EB, finding partners and identifying funding. These will include Updating Global Peat Resources, the Peat Dialogue and Sphagnum Farming.

The appointee will be the visible figurehead of the IPS in international affairs. She or he will be expected to reinforce existing partnerships, particularly with the international agencies, and to form new ones with organizations and institutes with similar interests. The position will involve liaison with relevant international conventions and the promotion of the IPS perspective based on scientific evidence. It will also involve the setting up and maintenance of alliances and information exchange with knowledge institutions and other NGOs.

The appointee will oversee and encourage the organs of the IPS, including National Committees, Commissions, expert groups and individual members and will encourage and help them to organize seminars, conferences and other meetings and events. She or he will also work to increase membership of the organization.

The appointee will have overall responsibility for the governance and administration of the organization, and shall be responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Society in accordance with its Statutes and Internal Regulations, and for the implementation of decisions taken by the Annual Assembly and the Executive Board.

The appointee will be responsible for the supervision, development and care of the Secretariat. She or he will have overall responsibility for finance and for the budget.

The Person

The successful candidate will have demonstrated leadership qualities which will include:

  • an academic degree in a relevant scientific discipline, preferably a higher degree; together with an interest in scientific developments.
  • well-developed analytical  skills.
  • the ability to gain access to sources of information; a knowledge of organizations that provide funding for research projects and an ability to liaise with these organizations.
  • project management skills, experience of working on or managing research projects.
  • the ability to work with professional voluntary colleagues and to manage professional staff, if necessary from a distance.
  • an ability to develop strategy and to identify long-term goals and to be creative in finding new ways to achieve goals.
  • relationship skills in dealing with stakeholders, an ability to win people over, and a feeling for different cultures.
  • an ability to communicate clearly and authoritatively; with convincing presentation skills, and the ability to relate to the media, including social media. Fluency in English: knowledge of other languages an asset.
  • a knowledge of finance and organizational administration.
  • willingness to travel.

The Appointment

The position is full-time. Applications including a CV and salary requirements should be sent by e-mail to gerald.schmilewski@peatlands.org.
The closing date for applications is 15 July 2018.

The Organisation

The International Peatland Society (IPS) is a non-governmental, non-profit multidisciplinary organisation dealing with peatlands and peat.  It is dedicated to the responsible management and Wise Use of peatlands and peat.

Its mission is to promote the gathering, exchange and communication of peatland knowledge and experience. Its vision is to be the leading international organisation in this sphere. It strives to be seen by the international community as an impartial and knowledgeable organisation for the provision of advice and knowledge.

It has implemented its mission principally by organising Congresses, conferences and seminars; by publishing books, magazines and newsletters; and by supporting the compilation and publication of the Wise Use principles and the Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management.

The structure of the organisation is based on sixteen National Committees (NCs). It has some 1,400 individual and corporate members in 43 countries. It carries out much of its work through scientific and industry Commissions supported by expert groups. The Society is governed by an Executive Board (EB) elected every four years by National Committees. The EB is advised by a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consisting of Commission Chairs and the Second Vice President.

It has a Secretariat based in Jyväskylä, Finland currently consisting of a part-time Secretary General and a full-time Communications Manager (CM) supported at times by temporary interns. The CM is also the principal administrator of the Society whose responsibilities include finance and accounts.

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