Calculation of carbon balance in Acacia Crassicarpa plantation on tropical peatland in Indonesia

Muhajir Utomo, Basuki Sumawinata, Suwardi, Darmawan, Gunawan Djajakirana and Dian Novarina

Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress


co2-emission, co2-sequestration, falling-trees, litter-fall



Methodologies for calculating carbon balance in peatland are various, reflecting differences in consideration of the factors contributing to the net emission or net sequestration. Among the published methodologies, measured carbon fluxes are considered as a source of carbon release with no exception of the flux originating from respiration. On the other hand, the forest cut as well as the following harvest of planted species are totally calculated as carbon loss, neglecting the drop back of root, litter, dead plant, and the potential harvest which remains on the land. At the landscape scale, the count may be in error if it is assumed that the forest cut and the harvest take place over a homogeneous time span for all the managed area. This study applied an approach in calculating the carbon balance…