For Organisers

Guidelines for Organizing an IPS event

IPS welcomes its members, National Committees, Commissions and Expert Groups to organize events, such as conferences, workshops, and excursions, on all topics related to peat and peatlands. If you would like to organise a conference under the auspices of IPS, you will benefit from:

  • Use of name and logo of IPS as a worldwide organisation of peat and peatland experts
  • Potential participant network of approx. 1,600 members, their institutions, colleagues and project groups
  • Promotion of your event in IPS publications, such as Peatland Snippets, Peatlands International, by e-mail, in the IPS events calendar, Facebook, Instagram and on the IPS website
  • Use of IPS distribution lists via the IPS Secretariat
  • Time and venue planning in coordination with other IPS events
  • Attracting high level expert papers and presentations
  • Awareness of decision makers and opinion leaders
  • One year temporary membership in IPS for full-paying participants, if agreed
  • Support and guidance by the IPS Secretariat and its cooperation partners in event organization, promotion, registration, publishing proceedings and organising administrative meetings if agreed on

What you have to take care of

  • Announce your event one year ahead to the IPS Secretariat, for events with less than 100 participants expected 6 months ahead and ask for approval as IPS event
  • Provide a € 50 discount on registration fees for IPS members – which will make your conference more attractive and raise the number of participants (amount can be negotiated)
  • Provide the IPS Secretariat with a list of participants and their contact details – non IPS members who pay the full registration fee (thus € 50 more) will be signed up as IPS temporary members for one year, if agreed
  • Include 15% commission on the overall registration fees into your overall budget (payable to the IPS Secretariat – can be negotiated for small seminars, compulsory for Congresses)
  • Reserve copies of the proceedings for IPS to be sold on its own accounts (number to be agreed on)
  • Guarantee free entry for the IPS Honorary President, and IPS staff involved in the organisation of the event
  • Reserve a free stand for IPS

General benefits of organizing the event under the auspices of IPS

  • Better image and profile of event due to IPS logo and name (franchising concept)
  • Articles and announcements in Peatlands International, Peatland Snippets, on IPS website, flyers, e-mails to key persons
  • Use of IPS document database for distribution of circulars
  • Guidance, expertise and support by IPS staff
  • Break even with approximately 15% more visitors due to IPS promotion and support
  • Lower registration fees for IPS members (minus € 50) – makes event more attractive for attendants
  • Publication of event report in Peatlands International

Do not hesitate to contact the IPS Secretariat if you have further questions.