Comparative Study of Low Moor and Saoropel Properties

Karina Stankevica, Liga Rutina, Eliza Kuske, Maris Klavins

Proceedings of the 14th International Peat Congress


heavy-metals, latvia, low-moor-peat, organic-reach-sediments, sapropel

Stankevica et al 2012: Comparative Study of Low Moor and Saoropel Properties


Theme IV. Chemical, physical and biological characteristics of peat


Sapropel layers often are an element of bogs, especially mires, but at the same time sapropel itself is a valuable resource with multiple areas of application. Within this study sapropel properties form lakes in Latvia were studied and the metal accumulation patterns in sapropel and mires were compared as well as the functions of sapropel layers at the development of bogs has been discussed. The technical parameters of studied sapropel samples (ash, carbonates and moisture content), elemental composition, dominant bacterial species in the upper layers of sapropel as well as fluorescence, UV spectra of the sapropel and peat extracts were determined in three lakes in Latvia. A comparison of studied parameters characterizing sapropel properties with low moor peat properties were done, focusing on the transition layers from sapropel to peat and vice versa.