Conservation and Management of Raised Bogs in Ireland

Catherine O’Connell

Proceedings of the 14th International Peat Congress


conservation, ireland, management, raised-bogs

O’Connell 2012: Conservation and Management of Raised Bogs in Ireland


Theme I.  Inventory, stratigraphy and conservation of mires and peatlands


Irish raised bogs are a priority habitat for conservation under the European Union Habitats Directive. In Ireland only 10% of the original area of this peatland type contains active peat forming habitat. A conflict exists between peat cutters who own the sites and Government Agencies who have designated the sites for nature conservation. This review paper will analyse the state of the raised bog resource in Ireland, the methods used by government and non-governmental organisations to resolve the issue of private peat cutting on the designated sites, the issues needing to be addressed in relation to raised bogs in a peatland strategy for Ireland and the management work that is essential to restore designated sites damaged by peat cutting and drainage to favourable conservation status.