Contribution from root respiration and litter decomposition to carbon flux in tropical peatland

Marissa Permatasari Jayaputra, Darmawan, Basuki Sumawinata and Gunawan Djajakirana

Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress


acacia-crassicarpa, carbon-flux, peat-decomposition, root-respiration




There are several components of carbon flux from peatland, i.e. peat decomposition, root respiration and exudates, and litter decomposition. It is important to know the magnitude of the contribution from each component. Lacking knowledge of contribution from these components may lead people to simply assume that the carbon emission from tropical peatland merely comes from the decomposition of the peat itself. To get the certainty in measuring net carbon emission, therefore it is necessary among others to measure the contribution of root respiration and litter decomposition of planted species on peatland. Acacia crassicarpa is the main species that is being cultivated on Indonesian peatland as a source for pulp industries. For this reason, this research was conducted in one of the A. crassicarpa plantation on peatland in Jambi, Sumatra. Measurement of CO2 flux from plots of no root no litter and no root with litter were carried out simultaneously with measurement from the plot of no treatments where thechambers were placed on the peatland surface under the A. crassicarpa at natural condition. The root-free plots…