Drivers of recurrent peatfire in riau and south sumatera, Indonesia

Oka Karyanto, Ismail, Ari Susanti, Satyawan Pudyatmoko and Trias Aditya

Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress


indonesia, peat-fire, peat-swamp-forest, tropical-peatland




Riau province once has been blessed with about 4 million Ha peat forest, making it one of the largest peatland countries in Indonesia. Responding to economic development, most of the peat forests have been largely drained and the province has been among the most prone to recurrent peat fire area. There has been much debates on the patterns and root of causes (drivers) of peat fire, causing effort to curb recurrent peat fire are daunting task and even becoming an inconclusive high tension of public debates. There has been much ambiguity on the drivers and the triggers. Poor availability of evidence of the peat fire patterns and their drivers making efforts to suppress the recurrent peatfire and its policy intervention has never been effective. Using different techniques of remote sensing, we present here a number of evidences that peatland in Riau becoming more vulnerable to recurrent peatfire due to…