Estimation of raised bogs peat moisture

J. A. Kharanzhevskaya

After Wise Use – The Future of Peatlands, Proceedings of the 13th International Peat Congress: Chemical, Physical and Biological Characteristics of Peat

forest-reclamation, peat-moisture, raised-bog, western-siberia

Kharanzhevskaya 2008: Estimation of raised bogs peat moisture


The purpose of the research was to study the moisture ratio of peat deposit in natural and drained condition, detection of changes of water characteristics of bogs after forest reclamation. Despite some changes of water – thermal balance of the peat deposit of Site 1 places are not different in peat moisture. The reason is weak influence of drainage of peatland “Vasjuganskoe”. That’s why it’s important to use measures for drainage system restoration and achieving objective of forest reclamation. Peat deposit moisture is defined by a lot of hydro-me- teorological factors, structure of peat deposit and type of peat and its botanical composition. That’s why additional research is necessary for development of science-based models for assessment of space and time dynamics of moisture. Comparison of moisture characteristics of peat deposit of forest reclamation areas with natural raised bog showed no changes of peat moisture of antropogenically changed bog.