Experiences of the Peat Sauna for Athletes

Leena Larva, Riitta Korhonen, Erkka Heinä

Proceedings of the 14th International Peat Congress


injury, injury-prevention, peat, peat-mask, sauna, soccer

Larva et al 2012: Experiences of the Peat Sauna for Athletes


Theme VI. Balnelogical, medicinal and therapeutical use of peat


The research has been carried out with the soccer players in Valkeakoski town from February to October in the season 2011. The FC Haka team (18 players) came to the Sportspa Aino directly after their game or training session 8 times during the season with intervals varying from 17 to 66 days. They had the whole body peat mask in the sauna, rested and enjoyed a supper. The peat sauna is a variant from the ordinary sauna. In the peat sauna the whole body is covered by peat and then clients stay 20 minutes in sauna of 50-60 ºC heat and at least 55 % humidity.

During this season, a player of the FC Haka team was absent from the game in average 7.6 times. Mean absence per injury was 2.6 days. This is less than a half from the absence/injury which the FC HJK team (Helsinki) had during the season 2008. Every team member found the peat sauna very relaxing and good for the spirit of the team.