Ground water level, rainfall and subsidence: key factors analysis affecting peatland management system for oil palm plantations in Indonesia

Rovy Roland, Hardy Mulia, Faisal Firmansyah and Bandung Sahari

Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress


groundwater-level, management, peatland, subsidence, zonation



Peatland has been cultivated for various agricultural crops for many years in Indonesia However, in recent times, land fires are frequently associated with peatland over-drained due to inappropriate management systems. Here, we present the results of four years‘ research on key factors analysis affecting the peatland management system i.e. groundwater level (GWL), rainfall, and subsidence. Ecological samplings were conducted in Jambi in oil palm plantations in an area of mature peat of about 5,077 hectares. Peat depth at the study sites varies from 1 m to 7 m. Zonation systems were set up based on topographical information. In total, there were four zones with every single zone covering an elevation from 1.5 m to 2 m and consisting of a canal system, water gate, and overflow. GWL…