Implementation of integrated management plan for north Selangor peat swamp forest 2014-2023 (IMP-NSPSF 2014-2023)

Mohd Puat Dahalan, Mohd Basri Abdul Manaf, Badrol Hisam Abdul Rahman, Syed Mohd Adzha Syed Khalid, Azuan Mohd Sukri, Mangsor Mohd Yusoff, Yusoff Muda, Hamdan Napiah, Azid Adam, Faizal Parish, Nagarajan Rengasamy Lew, S.Y. and Julia Lo

Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress


collaboration-of-ngo-and-public, complex-ecosystem, integrated-landscape-approach, many-challenges




Peat swamp forests cover more than a third of the total permanent forest reserves in Selangor. These forests are vital to the balance of our ecosystem. However, rapid development and booming population have significantly put peatlands in Selangor under threat. Since peat swamp forests have complex ecosystem, there is a need for an integrated landscape approach to deal with this matter. North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest comprises of Raja Musa Forest Reserve, Sungai Karang Forest Reserve, Sungai Dusun Forest/Wildlife Reserve and part of Bukit Belata Forest Reserve Extension and adjacent areas of stateland forest. It covers an area of 81,304 hectares and is the second largest contiguous peat swamp forest in Peninsular Malaysia…