International Conventions, Agencies, Agreements and Programmes – Summary 2019

Jack Rieley

agencies, agreements, conventions, peat, peatlands



The objective of this document is to identify and summarise the activities of those international conventions, agencies, agreements, and programmes that influence responsible management and wise use of peatlands and peat globally. It is hoped it will increase awareness and understanding of how, when and why these organisations were established and how some of the policies they initiate are implemented by governments.

This report contains information on 22 international organisations that have some relevance to peatlands and peat. Most were established by the United Nations or an Agency of the UN. Some have general remits that cover important global issues of which peatlands form part, for example UNDP focusses on sustainable development and relief of poverty while UNEP has a mandate for global environmental issues and manages the Global Environment Fund (GEF).

A few, such as Ramsar and IUCN were formed in response to specific environmental conservation needs, independently of the UN but linked to it and committed to by large numbers of nation states and other bodies, including international NGOs.

Conclusions and recommendations