International Peat Journal no. 1

R. A. Robertson (Ed.)


journal, peat, peatland



McLellan, J.K. & Rock, C.A. The application of peat in environmental pollution control: a review

Hulme, P.D. The origin and development of wet hollows and pools on Craigeazle mire, south-west Scotland

Rocha, A.J.D. Economic evaluation of Barra dos Carvalhos peatlands, Bahia, Brazil

Markov, V.D. & Khoroshev, P.I. The peat resources of the USSR and prospects for their utilization

Robinson, M. & Newson, M.D. Comparison of forest and moorland hydrology in an upland area with peat soils

Leinonen, A. & Ljokkoi, R. The development of a control system for the production of milled peat

Jarvinen, T. & Niittyla, H. Alternative methods of producing peat for artificial dewatering and the effect of different pretreatments

Farrell, E.P. & McDonnell, J.G. Decomposition in man modified peat soils

Dunberg, A. Application of computerized image analysis techniques to the study of structural properties of peat

Shepphard, J.D., Tibbetts, T.E. & Forgeron, D.W. Methods for the proximate analysis of peat

Norden, B., Fyfe, C.A. & McKinnon, M.S. 13C CP/MAS NMR study of peat in the solid state

Liittig, G. Balneological utilization of peat deposits in the Federal Republic of Germany from the viewpoint of the balance of nature and the national economy