International Peat Journal no. 2

R. A. Robertson (Ed.)


peat, peatland, sphagnum



Dunberg, A., Bohlin, E., Geladi, P. & Albano, C. Automated identification of peat components by means of microspectrophotometry

Davydik, I.I. An approach to the determination of the state of decomposition of peat and other organic substances

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Christanis, K. Philippi : A peat deposit awaiting development

Kuntze, H. The need for peat soil conservation

Belanger, A., Levesque, M.P. & Mathur, S.P. The influence of variation in soil copper on the yield and nutrition of radishes grown in microplots on two peat soils

Rengo, J., Reinikkala, P., Pihlaja, K. & Karunen, P. The vertical and geographical distribution of fungal’hyphae in non-hyaline leaf cells of Sphagnum

Leger, S., Chornet, E. & Overend, R.P. A laboratory pressing procedure to quantify the dewatering characteristics of untreated and thermally treated peat

Sapek, B. & Sapek, A. Changes in the properties of humus substances and the sorption complex in reclaimed peat soils

Kazda, J. & Cook, B. Unusually high densities of slowly growing mycobacteria on sphagnum moss in New Zealand

Begum, D.A. & Hossain, T. Characterization of Bangladesh peats in the Kola Mouza, Chanda Bee! and Baghia Beel areas

Bjflrnbom, P., Karlsson, 0., Hflrnell, C., Bjflrnbom, E. & Pirjamali, M. Swedish oil from peat project

Lishtvan, I., Belkevich, P., Dolidovich, E. & Sheremet, L. Medical properties of peat