International Peat Journal no. 3

R. A. Robertson (Ed.)


bogs, mires, peat



Smith, R.T. & Taylor, J.A. Biopedological processes in the inception of peat formation

Shotyk, W. An overview of the geochemistry of methane dynamics in mires

Meyer, J.H. Investigation of Holocene organic sediments – a geophysical approach

Nicholson, I.A., Robertson, R.A. & Robinson, M. The effects of drainage on the hydrology of a peat bog

Okruszko, H. Transformation of wetlands under the effects of drainage

Williams, B.L. & Wheatley, R.E. Nitrogen transformations in poorly-drained reseeded blanket peat under different management systems

Scheffer, B. & Kuntze, H. Phosphate leaching from high moor soils

Mathur, S.P. A lack of displacement of other metals by copper
in two cupriferous swamps

Collins, J.F., Hammond, R.F. & Walsh, M. Microscopic study of humiluvic and coprogenic materials from Creagh Bog, Co. Mayo, and some other Irish peats

Chang, F.H. & Spigarelli, S.A. Bioconversion of peat to protozoan biomass and starch-like products by a microbial trophic system

McAfee, M. Aeration studies on peat soil. 1. The effects of water-table depth and crop cover