International Peat Journal no. 4

R. A. Robertson (Ed.)


bog, peat



McAfee, M. & Lindstrflm, J. Aeration studies on peat soil.
2. The effects of tillage and climate

Schouwenaars, J.M. & Vink, J.P.M. Hydrophysical properties of peat relicts in a former bog and perspectives for Sphagnum regrowth

Griffiths, P. Experimental drying of thin layers of peat

Bakker, T.W.M. The shape of bogs from a hydrological point of view

Puustjärvi, V. Problematic structure standards of horticultural peat

Schouwenaars, J.M., Amerongen, F. van & Booltink, M. Hydraulic resistance of peat layers and downward seepage in bog relicts

Spigarelli, S.A. & Rengo, J.J. Radish growth on extracted peats

Ilnicki, P. Ecological problems of land reclamation and agricultural utilization of peatland on protected areas

Klflcking, H.-P., Klflcking, R. & Helbig, B. Release of plasminogen activator by natural humic acids and synthetic phenolic polymers

Kiukaanniemi, E. & Karjalainen, T. A rain warning system for peat production using radar technology