International Peat Journal no. 8

J. Rieley (Ed.)


peat, soils, water



The Use of Natural and Altered Peats for Adsorption of the BTEX Components of Gasoline in Water
S. Eltajeb, A. M. RJvguti, A. D. Cohen, E. M. Stack, J. Liu and J. K Durig

By-Pass of Water Through Laboratory Columns of Milled Peat
N. M. Holden

A Milled Peat Stockpile Rewetting Model
N.M. Holden and S.M. Ward

The Occurrence of 137Cs and 90Sr and their Mobility in Peat Soils of Byelorussia
S.V. Ovsiannikova, G.A. Sokolik, EA. Eismont and S. Y. Rjtbinchik

Seed and Spore Bank in a Cut-Away Peatland Twenty Years after Abandonment
M. Huopalainen, E-S Tuittila, J. Laine and H. Vasander

Whangamarino Wedand: Effects of Lowered River Levels on Peat and Vegetation
J.C. Shearer and B.R. Clarkson


Influence of Peat Biostimulators Applied to Polluted and Unpolluted Soils on the Yield of Radish
and its Content of Some Nutrient and Heavy Metal Elements
P. Ilnicki and Z. Nowinska

Gradients of Microbial Biomass, Anaerobically-Mineralizable N and Some Physical Properties
n a Restiad Peat Bog
jLA. Schipper, M. McLeod, B.R. Clarkson, M. Vojvodic-VukovicandM.D. Taylor

Effect of Secondary Transformation State of Peat-Muck Soils on their Amino Acid Content
L. Szajdak, T. Matuszemka and J. Gawlik

Desalination Effect of Adding Peat to an Alkali Sandy Soil
F. Jin, Y. Nishizaki, T. Yamaguchi and C. Wang

Comparison of Basic Characteristics of Humic Acids Extracted from Peats and Other Sources
T. Yamaguchi, H. Hayashi, Y. Yazawa, M. Uomori, F. Yazaki and N. N. Bambalov


Tropical Peatlands: A Review of Their Natural Resource Functions, with Particular Reference to Southeast Asia
S.E. Page and J.O. Rieley

Characteristics of Tropical Peat and its Possible Use as a Soil Ameliorant
B. Radjagukguk, Y. Nishizaki, Y. Yazawa and T. Yamaguchi