Peat Sorbents for Arsenic Removal

Linda Ansone, Linda Eglite, Maris Klavins

Proceedings of the 14th International Peat Congress


adsorption, adsorption-model, arsenic, peat-sorbents

Ansone et al 2012: Peat Sorbents for Arsenic Removal


Theme II. Peat for horticulture, energy and other uses


Arsenic contamination of waters is a global problem; therefore, new types of sorbents are needed. A way forward lies in developing new sorbents by working with sorbents based on natural materials because they often are cheap and their use is environmentally friendly. Peat, peat modified with iron compounds, and iron humates were prepared and tested for sorption of arsenic compounds. The highest sorption capacity was observed using peat sorbents modified with iron compounds. Sorption of different arsenic speciation forms onto iron modified peat sorbents was investigated as a function of pH and temperature. It was established that sorption capacity increases with a rise in temperature and the calculation of sorption process thermodynamic parameters indicates the spontaneity of the sorption process. It is of endothermic nature.