Peat swamp flora and conservation of Maludam national park, Sarawak

C.S. Tawan, A.M. Nadia, I.B. Ipor and K. Meekiong

Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress


conservation, peat-swamp-forest, sarawak, tree-flora



Peat swamp forest (PSF) of Sarawak is a unique and interesting ecosystem. The original total of peatland area of Sarawak is estimated at about 1,657,600 hectares, representing 13% of the whole land area of Sarawak. The natural PSFs have a rich a floral diversity with several endemic species distributed within the six distinct communities classified by Anderson in 1963. These PSFs are considered very important natural resources and are of economic importance. The flora inventory involved sampling 25 subplots measuring 20 x 20 m at Maludam National Park (NP) in Sarawak. All individual trees of ≥ 5 cm at diameter breast height (dbh) were measured and their height was estimated using a Haga meter. A total of 1,121 individual trees belonging to 76 species in 33 families were…