Peatlands after-use in the polish carpathian mountains – Geomorphological and hydrographic symptoms of their Restoration

Adam Łajczak

Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress


peat-bog-after-use, peatland-restoration, post-peat-areas, raised-bog



Investigation of current changes in the relief and water content of raised bogs after-use is omitted in relation to wider knowledge of human impact on environmental changes of peatlands. Level of knowledge on restoration of peat bogs in mountainous regions in Poland may be considered advanced (peatlands in the Carpathians and the Sudetes). The purpose of this paper is to explain current changes in peat bogs morphology and water retention in peat deposit in the largest peatlands in the Polish Carpathians. The paper is based on an analysis of maps produced over the 20th century, on aerial photographs taken since 1965 and on the newest data (LiDAR). Fieldwork included the geomorphological and hydrographic mapping of specified landforms within peat bogs using GPS methods as well as collecting peat samples in places of various stages of peat bog restoration (depths: 50-60, 90-100, 140-150, 190-200 cm). The maximum capillary water capacity of peat at various depths was assessed in laboratory, and…