Peatlands in global conventions: status and prospects

T. Minayeva, F. Parish, H. Joosten, M. Silvius, A. Sirin

After Wise Use – The Future of Peatlands, Proceedings of the 13th International Peat Congress: Pristine Mire Landscapes

Tullamore, Ireland

conventions, peat, peatlands, policy

Minayeva 2008: Peatlands in global conventions: status and prospects


Peatlands conservation and wise use as a condition for sustainable development is an agreed option within organisations dealing with peat and peatlands, such as IPS and IMCG. The most effective way to promote those principles is integration into state policy, including legislation development. The real mechanism for doing so is through the decisions of contracting parties of Global Conventions. Such decisions form preconditions for the improvement of national policies. IPS and IMCG since 1996 demonstrate strong co-operation to promote peatlands wise use and conservation within Ramsar Convention, Convention on Biodiversity and UNFCCC both via contracting parties and partner organisations to Conventions.