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16th International Peatland Congress postponed to 2021
Candidates to the IPS Executive Board
Allan Robertson Grants 2020
UNFCCC COP25 Chile – Madrid 2019
Training peatland scientists in the Congo Basin
Peat Moss and Growing Media are Essential Goods
CSPMA met in Toronto, Canada
Mires and Peat: Volume 26
Peatlands: Unusual After-uses – Seminar and study tour of the Irish National Committee
UK Tropical Peatland Working Group Meeting
New book: The Sphagnum Species of the World
Third Finnish Peatland Day held in Helsinki
The characteristics of element contents in Finnish peatlands
In memoriam: Professor David Bellamy 1933 – 2019
In memoriam: Professor Dr. Renate Klöcking 1935 – 2017
New Members of the IPS
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Peat and Peatland Events

Editorial: Together we are one.

In a matter of only a couple of weeks, our world as we know it has literally stopped. The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading across the globe with unprecedented speed and determinism. Measures taken by governments are massive and already having a huge effect on regional, national and global economies.

While some sectors will face fewer problems than others, it is fair to say that we all, from individuals to companies, from cities to governments, are and will be affected one way or another. The crisis is also unprecedented in the sense that we are all in the same boat. We are in this together, and we will also prevail together.