Peatlands International 2.2020



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Editorial: New Congress dates confirmed!
The First World Peatlands Day has skyrocketed online!
World Wetlands Day in Lublin, Poland
Introducing a new project: Cultural research of contemporary mire trends in Finland

Allan Robertson Grant Reports 2019 (first 4 of 10)
Schrodinger’s Peat: is a bog in a box dead or alive?
Peatlands, Pongos and Pyromania: The effects of the 2015 forest fires on the behaviour and health of Bornean orangutans in Central Kalimantan
Investigating Methane and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in a Disturbed Raised Bog Invaded by Native Birch Regeneration
Impact of wildfire on methane emissions from a continental boreal peatland

In Memoriam: Dr Ir. Yusurum Jagau Sahay
Improving water quality from Irish bogs: Reform Water and Swamp projects
Using an improved modelling approach to investigate peatland carbon dynamics at different temporal scales across the pan-Arctic

New IPS members
Peat and Peatland Events
Mires and Peat- New articles published in the last two months
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