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Peatlands International 2.2022 was published on 5 July 2022. IPS members receive a high-resolution version by email, the small version is available in this document database for download.

Editorial: Erki Niitlaan
The IPS has a new Executive Board!
Old Board met Face to Face in Palmse

International Horticultural Congress Angers, France in August 2022
Neova Group is Creating Green Growth – The renewed sustainability strategy

CSPMA Celebrates World Peatlands Day – Championing Peatland Research and Innovation for over 30 years
Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association announce partnership

A new call from the Ramsar Convention to transform agriculture to sustain people and wetlands
Scaling up peatland restoration: the WaterLANDS project

Carbon Sequestration Potential of Sphagnum Planting for Peatland Restoration
Mapping and managing tropical peatlands in lowland Peruvian Amazonia
Why small environmental recovery and peat preservation projects are so important to the ecosystem
Exploring the Cuvette Centrale: How do People, Plants and Birds Function and Interact in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Peatland Forests?

Allan Robertson Grant Reports 2021:
Conserving tropical peatland through water management for carbon-neutral agriculture
Restoring nature through art: The case of the Ondiri swamp in Kenya
Australian Peatlands in a Changing World

In Memoriam: Yrjö Pessi, Leila Urvas and Tapio Lindholm

Baltic Peat Producers Forum 2022 in Riga, Latvia 14-15 September
Irish Peatland Society Meetings and excursion Tulach Mhór, Co Offaly 11-13 October 2022
Announcement and Call for Abstracts Tisols 2023

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