Peatlands International 3.2021



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Editorial: Our road to Glasgow
Why are international conventions and agreements important for the responsible management of peatlands and wise use of peat?
Regional developments and perspectives in the agricultural use of peatlands as identified by different stakeholders
Recent lessons from Dutch polders: dikes built with peat have to fear new enemies
Soil organic carbon stocks of agriculturally used organic soils in Germany
Greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural pre-alpine fens: the effect of rewetting
New members of the IPS
Peat at the 2021 ISHS-IPS Symposium on Growing Media
Results of the IPS member survey 2020 – part III: Why did you join the IPS?
From steaming swamp to blanket bog: an exhibition of photographs taken during field work in the peatlands of the Peruvian Amazon
Towards flourishing peatlands in Finland – Hydrology LIFE project safeguards globally threatened wetlands
In memoriam: Yunsiska Ermiasi
Hein Boon moves to RPP
James H.C. Fenton: An Illustrated Book of Peat – Life and Death of Bogs
Peat and Peatland Events
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