Peatlands International 4.2020



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Editorial: Peatland certification paving the way
Successful UNEP Accreditation for IPS
Apply for the Allan Robertson Grants 2021!
What is the IPS? Facts and thoughts by the Secretary General
Certification of Peatland and Peat Products – Historical Background
Veriflora: A Global Standard by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) The Historical Context of the Responsibly Managed Peatlands Standard in Canada
Responsibly Produced Peat (RPP) A certification standard in the European region for peatland selection and management, during and after peat extraction and growing media production
Company Feedback on Certification
2nd Global Peatland and Peat Industry Summit
Squishing moss for peat’s sake!
The Winmarleigh Carbon Farm: The future of land management on peat soils?
Peatland Restoration Guide: An Update of the Bog Restoration Chapter
Peatart Exhibition in Veendam
Where the Crawdads Sing: A Book Review
A “heavy” book on the world’s Sphagna
In memoriam and dedication: Matteo Sottocornola
In Memoriam: Prof. Dr Romas Pakalnis
IPS Commission 2: Peatlands and the Environment – A short insight into ongoing projects
Media information & IPS Face Masks still available!
2nd World Peatlands Day 2021
New Members of the IPS
Peat and Peatland Events
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Cover photo: Colin McCarter