Peatlands on permafrost: options for management and restoration from arctic to steppe

Tatiana Minayeva, Andrey Sirin, Marcel Silvius, Jozef Bednar, Jan Peters, Hans Joosten, Irina Kamennova, Gennady Suvorov, Aleksandr Maslov, Maria Medvedeva, Anastasiya Markina1, Dmitry Makarov, Natalya Valyaeva, Olga Tsyganova, Tamara Glukhova, Anna Vozbrannaya, John Couwenberg4, Arina Schrier, Ing

Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress


boreal-zone, ghgs, integrated-approach, mitigation, restoration, rewetting



Considerable areas of peatlands worldwide are represented by mire types whose origin and existence depend on permafrost. Currently the size of their area is underestimated. Mire ecosystems in some regions depend on permafrost as a source of water. On the other hand – the peat cover is protecting permafrost from thawing. These types of peatlands can be found in the tundra, the forest tundra and in northern taiga zones of Eurasia, in North America as well as in many highlands worldwide including semiarid and arid areas. Climate change andanthropogenic impact are equally responsible for permafrost thaw in most of the cases, accompanied by carbon…