Splitting the water balance of drained peatland forests into hydrological components

Harri Koivusalo, Hannu Hökkä, Ari Laurén, Eero Nikinmaa, Jukka Laine and Erkki Ahti

After Wise Use – The Future of Peatlands, Proceedings of the 13th International Peat Congress: Peatland Forestry

drainage, hydrology, interception, runoff, transpiration

Koivusalo et al. 2008: Splitting the water balance of drained peatland forests


Drainage is a prerequisite for a successful forest production in peatlands and ditch network maintenance is performed to sustain the drainage efficiency over the stand rotation. A hydrological model is run over a summer period in a small catchment to quantify hydrological components, such as throughfall, overstorey and understorey interception and transpiration, and runoff in a drained peatland forest. Measured canopy inter- ception, tree sap flow, and runoff were used to assess the model performance. The model was a useful aid in assessing consistency of measurements. Results suggested that either the measured fluxes are not fully consistent, or the model does not consider all relevant processes at the study site.