10th International Symposium on Land Subsidence (TISOLS)

Delft-Gouda, the Netherlands
Open for all
Mekelweg, Delft, Netherlands

Delft-Gouda, the Netherlands
Moved to 2022, date to be announced

Land subsidence, or land-level lowering, is a major problem that threatens the viability and sustainable economic development for millions of people throughout the world, especially in (but not restricted to) highly urbanized coastal areas. It is often a result of overexploitation of groundwater resources. The total costs globally amount up to many billions of dollars annually.


New innovative technologies and approaches are needed to reduce or, in the best case, to stop land subsidence. TISOLS2020 intends to bring together 300+ international experts to share the latest research and insights on natural and anthropogenic land-level lowering.

Delft by Michael Hay on Unsplash

II). This working group has endeavored to improve and disseminate knowledge on land subsidence since the 1970s, through International Symposia on Land Subsidence, collaborative projects and publications.