Baltic Peat Producers Forum 2024

Birstonas, Lithuania
Open for all
Birštonas, Lithuania

Birstonas, Lithuania
18 -20 September 2024

Welcome to the 22nd Baltic Peat Producers Forum, where we’re laying the groundwork for a sustainable future. As stewards of the nature’s most precious resources, we are united by a common vision: to shape a growing media future that harmoniously serves both people and our planet.

The Forum – it’s a movement towards innovative, responsible, and sustainable use of peat in growing media. We understand the critical balance between harnessing the potential of peat media and preserving our natural ecosystems. That’s why this year’s key topic, “Shaping a Growing Media Future for People and Planet”, encapsulates our commitment to pioneering practices that nurture the earth and empower communities.

Photo by Bermix Studio