Executive Board Elections 2022

Wanted: Five New Executive Board members!

IPS National Committees are kindly asked to submit their nominations for the IPS Executive Board (EB) until 7 February 2022.

At least five positions will be vacant. Formally, a nomination letter and CV are required, also for current EB members that would like to be re-elected.

Leaving EB members are:
Sabine Jordan, Sweden
Ingrida Krigere, Latvia (30 Dec)
Lulie Melling, Malaysia
Erki Niitlaan, Estonia
Frank Tamminga, Germany

The following EB members keep their positions until 2024:
Marko Pomerants, Estonia, President
Guus van Berckel, the Netherlands, First Vice President
Jack Rieley, United Kingdom, Second Vice President
Donal Clarke, Ireland
Paul Short, Canada
Tuija Vähäkuopus, Finland

With the exception of the Presidents, each country can have only one member on the EB. In practice this means, that the National Committees of China, Estonia, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, UK and USA can submit nominations. Note that membership fees of previous years (including 2021) must have been paid.

The EB meets currently virtually once a month, normally 3-4 times a year in a central location. Work is also carried out by email to a large extent. Enthusiastic persons are very welcome! We strive for a good balance of professional backgrounds, regions, gender and age. Contact your National Committee if you are interested!

Photo by Gilles Rolland-Monnet