19.06.2019 12:25
CO2 Balance of Tropical Peatland Ecosystems

Theme IX. Tropical peatlands SUMMARY To assess the CO2 balance of tropical peatland ecosystems, we have measured CO2 flux...

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19.06.2019 12:14
Condition Assessment and Restoration of the Peatlands of the Snowy Moutains, South-Eastern Australia

Theme V. Restoration, rehabilitation and after-use of disturbed peatlands SUMMARY Extensive mires (topogenic shrublands and sedgelands) are found in...

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19.06.2019 12:53
Late Holocene Fire History and Vegetation Recovery in Two Raised Bogs and a Glance to Modern Bog Fire Pattern

Theme I.  Inventory, stratigraphy and conservation of mires and peatlands SUMMARY Macroscopic charcoal, plant macrofossils and radiocarbon dating were...

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