19.06.2019 12:44
GIS – peatland mapping based on discontinuous data – The example of northern Jutland (DFenmark)

The Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from drained peatland, especially in peatlandrich countries (e.g. Iceland, Finland, the Baltics, Indonesia and...

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19.06.2019 12:37
Soil greenhouse gas emissions in tropical peat swamp forests and oil palm plantations in central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Conversion of tropical peat swamp forests to oil palm plantations disrupts the carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycles, and...

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19.06.2019 12:36
Continuous measurements of soil CO2 and CH4 fluxes in two tropical peat forests with high and low ground water level in Sarawak, Malaysia, by using an automated multi-chamber systems

We will present new observations on soil carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) fluxes, which were started in September...

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19.06.2019 12:11
Dissolved greenhouse gases in peat-Draining rivers in Sarawak, Malaysia

Southeast Asian peat soils are a globally important carbon pool, but are currently undergoing severe disturbance due to anthropogenic...

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19.06.2019 12:05
Impact of Sitka spruce bonafforestation on the carbon stocks of peaty gley soils – a chronosequence study in the north of England

Afforestation results in the sequestration of atmospheric CO2 as trees grow. In some circumstances afforestation on organo-mineral or organic...

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19.06.2019 12:00
Carbon dynamics in afforested peatland and organo-mineral soils

Peatlands occupy approximately 20% of the Irish landscape and contain over 50% of total soil carbon stocks. Organo-mineral soils...

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19.06.2019 12:34
CO2, CH4 and N2O Fluxes From a Drained Bog Grassland Along Soil Carbon and Moisture Gradients

Theme X. Peatland carbon budgets and greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes SUMMARY The joint research project “Organic soils” aims at...

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