19.06.2019 12:37
Spatial distribution of N2O flux from agricultural field on tropical peatland, Kalimantan, Indonesia

SUMMARY Nitrous oxide (N2O) is one of major greenhouse gases emitted from agricultural field. In drained tropical peatland, significant...

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19.06.2019 12:34
The Carbon Balance Under Different Agricultural Regimes of Drained Peatland in Ukraine

Theme X. Peatland carbon budgets and greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes SUMMARY Authors of this paper want to draw the...

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19.06.2019 12:18
Long-Term Effect of Ash Fertilisation and Weed Control in Afforestation of Organic Agricultural Soil

Theme VII. Ecology and management on forested peatlands SUMMARY Tree seedlings compete with weeds for light, water and nutrients...

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19.06.2019 12:11
First Results of the Soil Water, Nutrient and Vegetation Dynamics of a Rewetted Mire in the German Harz National Park

Theme V. Restoration, rehabilitation and after-use of disturbed peatlands SUMMARY This study aimed to investigate changes of the nutrient...

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