19.06.2019 12:26
Introducing a revised approach to peatland development on a large scale multi-stakeholder landscape, Riau province, Sumatra, Indonesia

INTRODUCTION The east coast of Sumatra is characterised by a complex of low-lying riverine plains. Historically these wetland, environments...

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19.06.2019 12:21
Peatland fires in Riau, Sumatra: stakeholders‟ perceptions of a “wicked problem”

Indonesia’s peatland fires, and resulting haze, represent a leading environmental concern, not only within those fire affected areas of...

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19.06.2019 12:11
Coastal peat mass movement and its effect on the terrestial carbon discharge to the ocean in Bengkalis island, Indonesia

Multi temporal high resolution satellite imagery was used to identify the peat-coastal setback of Bengkalis Island, Indonesia. Shuttle Radar...

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19.06.2019 12:08
Degraded peatlands in Sumatra, Indonesia: how land rights influence the abandonment and burning of land

Peatlands in Sumatra, Indonesia are one of Southeast Asia‘s last resource frontiers and they are currently being exploited on...

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