Volunteer positions

The IPS is still looking for volunteers for the following positions:

Coordinator for the Expert Group on “Peat for Growing Media” This includes all kind of activities for horticulture experts and the growing media industry, as well as specialists working in the extracting sector – such as expert statements, webinars, other events, reviews and business intelligence. The Expert Group reports to the Economy Commission.

Two Vice Chairs for the Commission “Peatlands and Economy”, chaired by Ingrida Krigere. This is the Commission that coordinates all business-related issues of peatlands and peat – including peatland use for forestry, agriculture and horticulture. These expert groups report to this commission, and we are looking for a good team to lead their activities.

Coordinator for the “Peatlands and people, health and local livelihoods” Expert Group. This person could especially come from the Tropics, but also other applications are welcome. The Expert Group reports to the “Peatlands and Society” Commission, which is chaired by Marie Kofod-Hansen.

Please send your short applications and CV by 24 May to susann.warnecke (at) peatlands.org.

These are unpaid positions, but they will allow you to work with top scientists and professionals, and are an excellent addition to your curriculum – as well as most likely an entry ticket to presenting at some of the most important events in our field.