Participate in the IPS funding and transition survey!

Dear IPS members and partners,

With the current funding model, the IPS is able to finance its current activities until 2026 only.

We therefore ask you to participate in a survey to possibly change the funding model of the society. Please answer by 19 May at the latest so that we can analyse the results at the next Board meeting. In case you have answered already, just ignore this email.

If you leave your mobile number you can win a copy of the brand new 414-page Peatlands and Climate Change book.



The International Peatland Society has been successful in bridging interests and bringing people from peatland research, conservation, peat R&D and peat use together for soon 56 years.

However, we are facing increasing challenges to fund our activities and staff, as contributions by the peat industry, which founded IPS, are and will be shrinking in the future, to a degree that endangers the continuation of the IPS.

We did agree on a Position Paper “Embracing Change” in 2022/2023, but its implementation has been difficult.

The Board would therefore like to investigate whether a direct funding model would be feasible for the organisation, meaning that membership fees would be paid directly to the IPS and not via the National Committees (associations). As in the past, everyone interested in peatlands and peat could join our organisation, and they will have voting rights at the assembly.

In addition to possibly changing the funding model, we are planning to restructure the IPS to a lean, effective and flexible organisation, based on professional work and voluntary contributions.

We kindly ask you to fill in the short survey on your willingness to join and fund such a society. The results will be evaluated anonymously and are not binding.

For current membership benefits, see, these might change in the future.

If you leave your mobile number, you can win a copy of the new Peatlands and Climate Change book (€40) – these are not easily recognised and thus pretty anonymous.


Please participate, this is of utmost importance for the continuation of the IPS.

Kind regards
Susann Warnecke
Secretary General