Preparation of IPS Elections 2024

Dear National Committees, dear members,

Hereby we alert you to the elections of the IPS Executive Board next year and encourage you to discuss nominations already at the upcoming autumn meetings of your associations. According to our Statutes, there will be even 7 vacancies on the Board, so we must make sure that there are enough applicants for these positions. Re-elections are possible, but the nomination procedure is the same as for new applicants.

The Board will decide on deadlines, but assumingly the first deadline will be end of February, so that we can look for additional persons, if necessary.

The term of the current Board members is as follows:

Ending in 2024:
Marko Pomerants, Estonia, President
Guus van Berckel, Netherlands, 1st Vice
Jack Rieley, United Kingdom, 2nd Vice
Donal Clarke, Ireland
Asha Hingorani, Canada
Giedrius Kavaliauskas, Lithuania
Tuija Vähäkuopus, Finland

To continue until 2026:
Bernd Hofer, Germany
Sabine Jordan, Sweden
Anna-Helena Purre, Estonia
Meng Wang, China

We kindly as you to consider smart and competent persons from science, industry and other sectors as soon as possible for these responsible tasks. Note that as our budget is limited, travel costs and working hours must be covered by the EB candidates (or their organisation) if not otherwise agreed beforehand.

Take into consideration that the EB is not a supervisory, but a working board, so we hope for true participation and input also in between meetings (3-4 times a year F2F, plus 2 hours every 1-2 months).

With the exception of the Presidents, there can be only one person per country (NC) on the EB, so the NCs of Germany, Sweden, Estonia and China can only nominate for the three President positions. The position(s) need to be stated clearly in the nomination letters, president plus ordinary member are possible, as they are elected after each other.

Formally, a nomination letter by the NC and a CV are the only requirements. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. If current EB members know already they will not be available anymore, let the Secretariat know, so we can intensify our recruitment efforts.

The elections will be held at IPC2024 in China in the week of 4-9 August, from a technical point of view most likely without online voting. Mark the dates.

In addition, elections of the three Commission Chairs will take place, either by the Commissions themselves, or by appointment by the EB. Applications are welcome,

Thank you very much in advance!

The IPS Secretary General

EB members  and SG at Harju nature museum in Jyväskylä in March 2023. Photo: Saija Vuorenmaa